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The automotive industry is facing a multi-layered challenge when encountering cyber security threats. In one aspect, it faces similar threats as the manufacturing industry such as a constant need for availability as well as robust security controls, secure applications and strong network security to protect intellectual property. However, the automotive sector also needs to deal with many third-party providers that integrate their systems and applications in the manufacturing process.

In addition, the car is becoming increasingly important as a computing platform. Most operations happening in the vehicle are controlled by small computers which are connected in a network through various generic as well as automotive-specific protocols. As cars become more connected to the Internet, new security threats are emerging that can put the actual vehicle at risk of attack.

Automobiles are complex machines that require many years of investment and planning to bring to market. The industry faces market pressures to deliver innovative technological vehicles in a short period of time. Recently, cyber security professionals around the world have proven many times that vehicles are vulnerable to both local and remote attacks. From being able to unlock cars to completely controlling the speed, steering and infotainment systems.

Our diverse expertise allows us to effectively tackle these threats. Our team provides continuous testing of all networks and applications to ensure that your systems remain available and secure without interruptions. Additionally, our team conducts reverse engineering and source code auditing to uncover vulnerabilities in the vehicle components that could otherwise expose it to malicious actors.