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Aviation has allowed our world to become more interconnected and enabled the global economy's success. Safety standards in the aviation industry have always been consistently high. Quality engineering and redundancy in systems have made air travel one of the safest transportation methods in the world. However, when it comes to cyber security these standards have not always been at the same level of quality.

With digital technologies on the rise, the aviation industry is facing multiple challenges in its overall cyber security landscape. As opposed to other industries with similar threats, the aviation sector (as well as transportation as a whole) has critical safety threats to consider. Airlines, traffic control, airport security, ground crews and aircraft are all becoming more connected to complex digital infrastructure which is enabling the efficiency and overall performance of this industry. However, these rapid changes also introduce new threats that can be exploited by malicious actors with the potential not only to sabotage day-to-day operations but also risk lives.

Our team provides continuous testing of all networks and applications in your organization to ensure that your systems remain available and secure without interruptions. Additionally, our team conducts reverse engineering and source code auditing to uncover vulnerabilities in aircraft components that could otherwise be exposed to malicious actors.

Critical systems to consider testing:

  • Airline reservation and ticketing systems
  • Air traffic control networks and connectivity
  • Aircraft entertainment systems and USB connections
  • Aircraft Wi-fi and mobile networks
  • Cargo and shipping applications and systems
  • Automated border control systems

Moreover, with our Offensive Threat Intelligence service, we continuously test your systems for new threats as they arise in order to maintain a high level of security at all times.