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The manufacturing industry is the backbone of the global economy giving rise to modern factories which are increasingly utilizing digital tools and services to improve the efficiency and speed of production. These smart factories are using cloud computing services paired with artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced robotics to enable this sector to meet the demands of markets worldwide at a growing rate and increased quality.

The growing dependency on technology, IoT and M2M communications in Industry 4.0, increases the cyber security challenges and threats facing this sector. Protecting intellectual property as well as the continuous availability of systems in production environments are critical components for the success of the manufacturing process. Malicious and nation-state-sponsored actors have recently been increasingly targeting factories that use legacy hardware and software through exposed systems on the Internet. The rise in these attacks has ranged in purpose, from stealing intellectual property to causing physical damage that may shut down operations entirely. There is a growing need for businesses in this sector to validate that their systems are consistently tested and monitored for new security threats targeting their interests.

At Blue Frost Security our experts uncover vulnerabilities in sensitive systems and environments while at the same time making sure that the availability of production remains online. When testing ICS/SCADA systems our analysts utilize manual techniques and custom-made tools to avoid halting critical systems unexpectedly. Moreover, with Offensive Threat Intelligence we continuously test your systems for new threats as they arise to maintain a high level of security at all times.