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Software Development

The software industry has taken over almost every aspect of people's modern lives. Mobile applications, gadgets, operating systems, web services, SCADA, embedded devices, web applications and IoT devices are all based on code that is developed by human beings and therefore susceptible to errors. Today, security vulnerabilities in software are the main attack vectors that cybercriminals leverage in order to gain unauthorized access to systems and data.

The software industry faces increasing challenges ahead. The pressure to deliver products at increasing speeds due to fierce competition is affecting the overall security of the final product. Some developers are encouraged to deliver the code to market as fast as possible and to deal with security afterward in the form of patches when vulnerabilities are discovered. However, this approach can sometimes cause massive losses to your organization because some security vulnerabilities are based on flawed design logic and are impossible to patch at later stages. This would mean that in some scenarios, the software that was built would require a complete redesign that would negatively impact your business.

At Blue Frost Security we support software companies during all stages of development, starting from the planning phase, the logic design of the software, the development of the code in all stages and the testing of the final product. Our source code review skills allow us to professionally assess and uncover security bugs that would otherwise be used by malicious actors to access the data of your end clients.

By implementing security reviews of your software in all stages of development, you can optimize the development process and ensure that your product is ready for market without negatively impacting delivery timelines. Moreover, with our Offensive Threat Intelligence service, we continuously test your software for new threats as they arise in order to maintain a high level of security at all times.