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Application Security

At Blue Frost Security we have a strong focus on application security. We offer a wide range of manual security reviews that will enhance the security of your applications. In today's world, applications are at the heart of many businesses. Uptime, continuity and secure applications are crucial to the ongoing performance of most companies.

Source Code Review

By analyzing source code manually, our consultants are capable of diving deep into the application code to uncover vulnerabilities and security design flaws even at the development stage.

This in-depth insight allows us to identify security issues that other test methodologies might not expose. We regularly discover security-critical artifacts such as exploitable debugging aids, backdoors, classic programming bugs, as well as improper handling of encryption functions and other flaws.

Our consultants employ both static and dynamic approaches in analyzing your application code to ensure that your application is secure and ready for use.

Reverse Engineering

By applying reverse engineering, our consultants are simulating real attackers without access to your application source code. Software of any kind, ranging from complex server applications to firmware of embedded systems, can be tested for security issues.

Our consultants will use advanced reverse engineering techniques to analyse the binary code of different architectures and reveal the functioning of proprietary and undocumented software, as well as investigate the implementation of network protocols and cryptographic algorithms.