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Offensive Threat Intelligence

A traditional penetration test is an effective tool to validate and secure your environment at any single point in time; however, the scope of the test is limited to a defined period of time and therefore the security is only validated during that time. This method might be sufficient and very useful for certain engagements; however, for more continuous validation of your security environment, a different approach is recommended. In a world where emerging threats and threat actors are constantly attacking your environment, there is a growing need for continuous and reliable validation of your defenses.

The best way to ensure a high degree of ongoing security in your environment is to have it continuously challenged by realistic and authentic attacks. Our Offensive Threat Intelligence service will considerably elevate your defenses and ensure that your team is consistently challenged and trained by responding to real attacks in your environment. Your organization might already invest a lot in threat intelligence platforms, SIEM systems, firewalls and endpoint protection systems; however, none of those are relevant if they cannot be constantly challenged, adapted and refined to sustain realistic attacks.

Our Offensive Threat Intelligence service will leverage the latest threats facing your organization through the continuous use of tailored attacks to test the resilience of your defenses. Our team is constantly developing customized exploits from new and known vulnerabilities that enable the preparedness and ongoing defense of your systems against advanced persistent threats.

Blue Frost Security will use the latest techniques mapped into MITRE ATTACK ® as well as highly reliable N-day exploits specific to your environment to ensure your systems are safe from the latest threats, as well as to test the response of your SIEM and threat intelligence systems.

Offensive Threat Intelligence Service Flow

You no longer have to worry about vulnerability management in your environment. With our Offensive Threat Intelligence service, our team will consistently test, uncover and verify new vulnerabilities in your systems and notify your team immediately in case new threats succeed to bypass your defenses.

As part of our Offensive Threat Intelligence service, you will receive:

  • Consistent testing and verification of new threats and vulnerabilities in your environments
  • Immediate notifications when critical vulnerabilities are discovered
  • High-quality vulnerability management for your environments
  • Periodic management summaries