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Penetration Test

A penetration test is a complex process that requires highly qualified individuals in order to attain a high degree of success. Our motto is “The penetration tester must be as good as any potential attacker”. Therefore, our goal is to offer state of the art penetration testing focused on manual procedures leaving nothing to chance.

To maintain this high standard of quality in our service, we place great emphasis on the years of experience and constant thirst for knowledge of our analysts. They are specialized in key segments of the industry and maintain a high level of expertise throughout the test.

In this industry, many competitors will sell automated vulnerability scans as penetration tests. This practice is dangerous to IT security in general, as it gives clients a false sense of security in their systems. For this reason, our analysts, are required to be creative and use most all of their abilities during a penetration test while using manual techniques in order to identify and exploit vulnerabilities.

Für eine höhere IT Sicherheit führt Blue Frost Security Penetration Tests durch
Penetration Tests von Blue Frost Security sorgen für eine höhere IT Sicherheit
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