Wireless Networks

Nowadays wireless networks have become an essential part of most corporate IT-infrastructures providing access to internal corporate resources, and thus extending the attack surface as well as introducing additional attack vectors. This threat has made wireless networks an attractive target for cyber-criminals, especially because of the ease to conduct wireless attacks without physically accessing a building. Furthermore, corporate IT-infrastructures sometimes can be compromised even without interaction with a wireless network, by simply attacking the devices which connect to the wireless network.

Unfortunately, despite all the associated risks, we notice that security of corporate wireless networks is often overlooked and needs serious improvements in order to withstand cyber threats. Wireless security assessments performed by Blue Frost Security analysts identify weak points in wireless network infrastructures including all the components.

Our in-house developed tools increase the speed of routine task execution, thus freeing more time for manual hacking and analysis in project timeframes. This method helps us to maintain the highest quality of delivered results.

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