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Trainings and Workshops

We provide training courses in our areas of expertise and adapt them to your requirements.
If you want to train your employees in the area of penetration testing and secure development, or just want to promote understanding and awareness of various attacks, we can offer customized training based on your needs.

Secure Coding Workshop
The security of applications is best when it is implemented from the beginning. This workshop examines fundamental aspects of security-aware software development and the integration of quality assurance in software development processes. The target group of this one day workshop, are mainly programmers and decision makers from the technical management area.

Social Engineering Awareness Training
"There is no patch for human error.“

Industrial espionage and cybercrime has created damage that is difficult to repair. The most widely used and effective attacks are not those that take advantage of a technical flaw, but rather exploit the vulnerabilities in people.  In most cases, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) gain their first foothold by means of spear phishing attacks. To prepare employees for these attacks and to successfully thwart them, social engineering has to be performed as part of a penetration test, followed by a social engineering awareness training.