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Increased Security for your company´s data.

Cybercrime is a growing profitable industry. Attacks on corporate networks extend to all sectors of the economy. Industrial espionage is on the agenda and there is a thriving black market for security vulnerabilities. Attackers are increasing their capabilities and becoming professional and focused in order to reach their goals.

Often behind targeted attacks, there are foreign governments and high profile attackers often equipped with state of the art technology and significant financial resources.  Due to increasingly complex IT systems, these attacks are almost always successful. Through a comprehensive threat assessment on our customers, we provide solutions based on both the prevention and detection of successful attacks thus enabling our customers to effectively protect their corporate data.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing – Through penetration testing, we simulate targeted and effective attacks on IT systems for our customers. Our analysts use sophisticated methods to conduct manual penetration testing to ensure that weaknesses are identified including those that would not be found using a pure tool-based approach without disturbing day to day operations of the customers IT systems.

Application Security

Application Security – We support our customer’s application security throughout the entire product life cycle. From development of threat models and assistance in design and implementation, to source code review and implementation of security mechanisms, we help our customers achieve the highest level of security.


Training – Much of today’s attacks on companies and organizations are based on social engineering techniques. Geared towards the needs of our customers, we provide high quality trainings, workshops and individual sessions aimed at providing security awareness as well as training our customers to conduct their own penetration tests.

Our Mission

Blue Frost Security is an independent provider of high qualified consulting services in the field of IT Security. Through intensive research, we ensure the continuous training of our employees and use the results to protect our customers from tomorrow’s threats. With our services, we take a holistic approach.

We attribute great importance in the transfer of knowledge to our customers because we consider ourselves as our client’s long term partner.


We provide professional services on multi-vendor platforms in the field of IT Security. The range of services covers the entire chain of assessments, audits and analysis to evaluate the need to protect our customers’ core data and improve their IT security.

Our technical security engineers perform analysis in the form of audits, penetration testing, source code review and binary analysis as well as reverse engineering. The results, form a basis for recommendations of future action. In the case of compromised systems, we provide forensic analysis of malware and malicious code.


The analysis of complex software and hardware vulnerabilities requires comprehensive knowledge and practical experience. With a team of sophisticated and internationally recognized experts, we are able to conduct security audits in the most complex systems.

The development of specific tools for performing security analysis in specialized areas is part of our skill set. We are experienced in auditing sensitive environments and possess the ability to advise our clients with complete discretion.

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