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Retail & E-commerce

The retail industry's focus on cybersecurity is generally governed by several compliance standards such as PCI-DSS. It has been clear for some time that these standards and certifications are simply not enough to secure your systems from malicious actors. Recent high-profile cases in this sector have proven that compliance will only take companies so far in securing their systems and applications.

Attackers have been famously targeting point of sale (POS) systems for a long time with the intention to steal credit card numbers and PINs from customers. These actors have succeeded multiple times by exploiting weaknesses in POS systems and introducing malware that not only grabs customer data but also spreads into other POS systems to continue exfiltrating more data.

Moreover, the retail and e-commerce sector has been increasing the use of web applications in order to conduct business online to reach more customers as well as increase the efficiency of the business. These web applications, however, are another point of entry for many attackers because they are mostly Internet-facing systems. Applications that contain critical vulnerabilities can be exploited by malicious actors that will enable them to access unauthorized internal systems and move laterally to steal payment details from customers.

At Blue Frost Security we have years of experience in testing and uncovering security vulnerabilities in web applications, networks and web services that could be leveraged to steal private client data. With our services, your organization will be able to reduce considerable risk and exposure to malicious attacks. Moreover, with our Offensive Threat Intelligence service, we can track new threats that your systems are facing and continuously test them to ensure that your business is protected at all times.